Ideal Dogs For Children

The ideal dog for children is one who is not irritated, who is patient and enjoys spending hours playing and living with his small owner. This interaction strengthens the child’s health, cognitive development, and sense of responsibility. A good dog for children, besides having a calm and friendly character, should easily accept new people, smells, and places.

Dogs are certainly excellent playmates, good watchers, and great friends. They will stimulate the affection and the feelings of our children, as well as their psychomotor skills.

The breed of a dog can give us some clues about its character, but the truth is that the education we give the dog is the one that will really make a difference. Choosing a dog without a breed is also an excellent option to expand our family. We must be clear what kind of dog we are looking for, whether small, medium or large.

If we choose an adult dog we must indicate that it is for a family with children, so it is necessary to be respectful and not aggressive. No dog is actually aggressive, but some have unfortunately had a bad education with previous owners and may not be suitable for a family environment.

Likewise, the child should be educated to respect the limits and needs of the dog and, in general, any dog, regardless of race, should not interact with a child without supervision.

We must simply choose dogs that are good indoors and good for our children. It should always take into account not only the characteristics of the breed of the animal but also the temperament, size, energy level and those that fit the family’s way of life.

These are the 5 most recommended breeds:


This little one barely exceeds a foot high when he is an adult and his weight seldom exceeds four kilos. It is a very active and energetic dog in spite of its size, the reason why it needs of good walks daily to be released.

Lovely with children and a great playmate, but even if it looks like a teddy does not like anything to pull the hair or ears (like any dog). It is certainly a good option to share life with children.


Another small one that can fill your heart with joy, it is a mixture between golden and poodle. That can present several sizes, although at general levels are small or medium dogs.

Adults can reach up to seventy centimeters, although they are usually smaller. Its weight varies according to its size varying from 10 to 15 kilos. We must keep in mind that there are medium-sized varieties within this breed, if we are looking for a small breed dog we must specify it (there are small and also medium Goldendoodles).

These dogs are very affectionate, ideal as playmates and quiet character. They are also very intelligent, cheerful and sociable.


This little one barely exceeds thirty-five centimeters when he is an adult and the eight kilos of weight, a whole song that will fill the house with joy. It is an ideal dog for people who do not have the time to take long walks, as it is a bit lazy in that aspect … let’s say it is a very homemade dog.

Affectionate, smiling, respectful and charming with children, an example of a dog for children. Although sometimes they are a bit stupid so we will have to be insistent on their education. It is a calm and sociable character, although how we all know this depends also to a large extent on the education we give them.


It is probably the best-known dog breed in the world thanks to “Snoopy”. This little-looking detective hound … is a perfect companion for children. He has a cheerful and curious character, besides being very sociable, calm and intelligent.

Its height rarely surpasses the forty centimeters in the cross and its weight around fourteen kilos adapts very well to the coexistence in floors and loves to play and to walk. He is also an excellent hunting dog, so it does not make him ugly to spend the day in the field.

Shih Tzu

This arrogant-looking little man actually has a super cheerful and playful character, very affectionate and affectionate to all members of the household. She is a great playmate who loves children, but obviously with the respect that every dog deserves (you have to educate children well too).

Its size is reduced state with about twenty-five centimeters of height and about seven kilos of weight. It adapts perfectly to the coexistence in apartments and is a very social dog, although as with any other dog, socializing it correctly is our job.

It is certainly also an excellent choice as a playmate, active, cheerful and affectionate with adults and children.