Steps to Take In Cleaning the Kitchen

1 – Inspect cupboards, fridge, freezer

Sort out the fridge, in the freezer, and in the cupboards by throwing away anything that is outdated or in poor condition, or that you no longer use.
And take advantage of this and make a note of what you lack: products, sponge, ingredients or provisions.

cleaning kitchen

2 – Clean the top of the cupboards

Pass a damp microfiber broom over the top of the cupboards to get rid of the dust that has accumulated. Don’t worry if it falls on the floor or work plan, you will deal with it later.

3 – Clean the walls

If the painted walls are greasy, coat them with a paste composed of equal parts of baking soda and water. Leave on for an hour then rinse and dry.
– Or clean the greasy walls with a solution consisting of a liter of hot water and a coffee cup of soda crystals.
– Or use a damp cloth of household alcohol.

4 – Clean top cupboards

On cleaning days, once a month, empty them, to pass on the jars containing pasta or various condiments a microfibre cloth moistened with soapy water.  Dry with a cloth .
Since they are lacquered furniture, laminated furniture or natural wood, clean the inside and the door of the cupboards with a microfibre cloth moistened with water and a drop of liquid soap, well wringed. Wipe with a dry cloth. If the furniture is greasy clean with vinegar water (half water, half white vinegar). Rinse with clean water and wipe with a microfibre cloth.

5 – Clean the sink

Use some chemicals and a sponge to clean the kitchen sink.  If you haven’t already consider investing in a garbage disposal to make the after meal cleanup easier.  You can check out some top rated garbage disposals here.

6 – Clean the fridge

Unplug the fridge, empty it and remove shelves, trays that you can wash either in the dishwasher or by hand with soap and water. Then, with hands protected by household gloves, clean the fridge completely, from top to bottom with a sponge moistened with warm water and a handful of crystals of soda. Then Rinse with clean water. Wipe with a microfibre cloth.

And you’re done!